Wednesday, July 13, 2016

What Would I Do If There Were No Such Thing as Social Media?

What would I do if there were no such thing as social media? Well, that question was bothered my head extremely for the last couple days. 

This story started a couple days ago. I've been on my smartphone a lot to check my social media. I used mostly on facebook, instagram, letterboxd (moviegoer's social media), and twitter respectively plus instant-messaging app like bbm and whatsapp. And it didn't count by my browser to read news. I've been there until there's no more to swipe or scroll and there's no more status and news to read. I opened again my social media on and on. Then I realized, damn, I've been on social media for hours! I spent my time too much on them.

In short: What if facebook and the gangs had never been invented. Well, I'm not saying social media and internet are bad. They have many advantages though. It just depend on us how to use it properly. But it just brought me to the curiosity. I answered that question to myself; maybe I would read books or watch movies a lot if there were no such thing as social media. I mean, we're not gonna die, right. Perhaps for some people do not see social media for at least a minute or an hour, it's like a little part of their body has gone.

After all contemplation above, I thought maybe someday I would try to deactivate all my social media for long and do other useful things. I don't know maybe a day, a week, or a month. But it's kinda hard to blacklist them so that I could do something else like volunteerism activity or reciting the holy book. Nonetheless, this is kinda challenging.



*Edited (24/07/2016)
Btw, a couple days ago, I just deactivated all my social media for only 5 days (yeah I know it's really short time). So, here are 3 things I learned by being inactive from social media.
1. I could minimize the cost since I didn't have to buy credit.
2. I couldn't see my friends' activities since I wasn't on social media to see what my friends were up to.
3. I realized that how positive my days could be, since I did more useful activities.

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