Tuesday, June 7, 2016

What They Don't Talk About When They Talk About Beach

Ujung Pandaran Beach
Sampit, East Kotawaringin Regency

Note: the bold words are the things that impressed me the most.

It's our second trip from the last year's blue lake. Me and my 10 homies went to Ujung Pandaran Beach. It is located in Sampit, East Kotawaringin Regency, Central Borneo. This beach is directly bordered with Java Sea. It took about 7-hour trip by motorcycle from Palangka Raya.

We took a tour at 6 in the morning, Thanks God, the weather was friendly. The trip was quite exhausted cause the long way we through. But as we arrived at beach village, it's just so fresh when we saw the line of palm trees around roadside. We considered to not turn off to the tourism complex, so we just took apart the area only for us.

At arrival, we re-planned to not make camp, so we just planned to sleep shaded by the sky while we're hoping it would not be raining. Unhappily, there were so many garbages there. At night, we cooked rice and noodle with old-fashioned way as we also did in the tomorrow morning. If you cannot cook as like boy scout or forest survival did, don't worry there are so many food-stands there.

Night's adventure was just not merely finished in dinner and war with mosquitoes. We continued our night's adventure by walking on the sea. Yes, walking on the sea. The water ebbed at the night so we could easily find shrimps, fish, and other ocean stuffs. Then, when we got off to sleep, it's just so amazing accompanied by a sea of stars in the sky. Here's the tip if you wanna sleep at the beach: bring plenty mosquito-repellent-lotion. Thanks me later as you try the tip.

Dawn came up. We were welcomed by wonderful sunrise. It's very beautiful, if you wanna imagine, the color seemed like the combination of violet-orange-blue. The sunrise was more beautiful than the sunset. It caused the sunset was risen from the sea angle, so it combined with the reflection from the sea water. In the morning, it's swimming time. The sand was quite white and soft. Meanwhile, the sea water was quite blue and so salty. We found many big woods around carried by waves ashore as we used for playing fake-boat and laid down on them doing sunbath.

So, what they don't talk about when they talk about beach. It's up there.


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